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Waiting for Towing: 3 Things You Need to Consider

When you need to call for towing, you will be given a fairly accurate time of arrival, which allows you to know how long you'll need to wait for assistance. This time frame depends on your physical location, as well as any other jobs the driver must complete before attending to you. Ideally, your wait time will be minimal, and it's generally just a matter of waiting as patiently as possible with your vehicle. Are there any things you need to do while you wait?

1. Are You OK?

Was your journey interrupted due to a straightforward (as far as you can tell) mechanical problem that caused your car to lose power or simply become difficult to handle? In this instance, all you need to do is wait. But what about when a minor accident is the culprit? If you were harmed in any way, consider whether you might need medical attention. This is particularly prudent if you've hit your head. Seek immediate medical assistance if this the case, even if it doesn't appear to be serious. Remember that brain injuries can have a delayed effect, so the damage can be more critical than it first seems. Your vehicle will be fine to be left by itself, and in any event, it's just a vehicle and can be replaced. Your own wellbeing (and that of anyone in the car with you) should be your first priority.

2. Where Did Your Car Stop?

The nature of the issue can also determine where your car comes to a stop. Hopefully, you will have the ability to safely slow down and maneuver your car into a safe position, but this isn't always the case. If your vehicle stops in a position where it will obstruct traffic and pose a risk to other road users, you should contact the police, who might opt to arrive so that traffic management can be implemented. However, if you can physically push your car to an appropriate stopping place, then you should do so, but only if this does not place you in jeopardy.

3. What About Your Personal Possessions?

This waiting time can be utilised to extract what you will need from your vehicle, so remove your personal possessions while you wait for towing. Be sure the check all the recesses of the vehicle so that nothing important remains in the car. Depending on the severity of the issue, it might be some time before you're reunited with your vehicle, so be sure to check everything thoroughly.

Hopefully, your waiting time will be brief, but be sure to consider these three points while you wait to achieve the best possible outcome.