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Types of Tipper Trailers

Tipper trailers are a versatile type of trailer that can be used for lifting both light and heavy loads. These trailers are routinely used for commercial, domestic and agricultural purposes. With technological advances, hydraulic trailers these trailers make it easier than ever to transport loads such as construction and landscaping materials. This type of truck is appropriately named 'tipper' as the trailer is designed to tilt to allow the loaded material to be deposited onto the ground below. 

Types of Tipper Trailers

The type of tipper trailer selected depends on the purpose. Businesses that sell these trailers also help their client select the right tipper trailer for their needs. These trailers come in different sizes suited to different loads. Here are some of the latest features on tipper trailers:

  1. Hydraulic Mechanism — As mentioned hydraulic trailers are becoming increasingly popular. These are incredibly powerful and make it much easier to load the trailers. 
  2. Removable Tailgate — This tailgate helps to keep loaded material safely inside the trailer. It can be easily removed to load the trailer then reattached.
  3. Galvanised Steel —The highest quality tipper trailers are made out of galvanised steel. This material prevents the trailer from oxidisation and reduced wear and tear from the weather. In addition to this galvanised steel is highly resistant to any kind of mechanical damage. This means that heavy material loaded on to the trailer will not cause any damage. 
  4. Drop sides —This is a relatively new feature on the latest models of tipper trailers. It allows the side panels of the trailer to be 'dropped' to make it easier to load from the sides. This is such a convenient feature that not only makes loading easier but also ensures that the loaded material stays safe inside the trailer once the panels are locked in place again.
  5. Super trailer — This is the term given to a particular type of tipper trailer that can hold up to 6000kg of weight. These have the advantage of allowing increased productivity and return on investment for the user as they can haul a large amount of weight in a small amount of time. A normal tipper trailer would need to be reloaded several times and would also have to take multiple trips to haul the same amount of material.

With so many different types of tipper trailers, one should have no issues selecting one for their desired purpose. Choose a licenced and reputable tipper trailer supplier to ensure the best quality possible.