Someone Crashed Into Your Car and Drove Away. Now What?

Your poor car was just parked there, minding its own business, when some careless so-and-so plowed into it. You can accurately consider them to be careless because they drove off, essentially fleeing the scene of the accident. There's no ideal scenario for being involved in a car accident, although it's arguably better if your car was involved while you and your family weren't inside it. And yet, what do you need to do if someone has damaged your car and then driven off?

Small-Business Owners: Preventing Unwanted Parking in Your Private Facilities

If you're a small-business owner who provides parking spaces for your customers, you probably think of these facilities as part of your premises and look after them accordingly. If any unthinking individuals happen to leave litter or deface the area, you're probably going to have the matter attended to as soon as possible. While your parking spaces are not quite the face of your business, they can still be a prominent part and can in fact contribute to your customer's first impressions, as parking their car might give them their first glimpse of your premises.